Going digital

Well, I’ve plunged into the deep and am moving digital, trying to get into reading and blogging from my shiny new iPad. I’ve now spent literally hours cruising through the different ereader apps and trying to suck all the “free” reading life-blood from the sea that is the Internet. Talk about exhausting! Clearly, all the classics are free, mostly courtesy of the amazing Project Gutenberg (spelling?) so it’s a wonderful opportunity to revisit some of the greats that might’ve slipped by the wayside. On my ishelf is Tolstoy’s War and Peace which I vow now to read: Watch this space!! Thankfully I couldn’t find a free version of Joyce’s Ulysses (read: i never looked for one) which I never conquered in paper!
I’ve yet to venture into the dens of B&N or Kindle, but I can certainly reveal that Wattpad is a wonder and while I know that bookdepository offers free ebooks to tantalize one’s tastebuds, I’m yet to explore whether or not they are compatible with the iPad format.
So far, I’m aglow with iPad joy, awash in the awe and wonder that is modern technology and dismayed by the look of envy that flushed eldest child’s face when he glimpsed the new apple of my eye!
Here’s to finding a good hiding place for this apple!


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