A slice of heaven

I confess, I’m in heaven. Well and truly submerged into the digital world of the iPad.
The most exciting discovery that I’ve made so far is that the Borders app and the Kindle app both offer previews of books so you get to try before you buy – and I’m not talking a skimpy few pages either, I mean serious chunks! I’ve previewed one of Nonie Darwish’s books (fascinating reading for anyone interested in Islam and globalization) and have gone to make the purchase! Terribly exiting … Although, I will admit that I did have some issues with retrieving this book from my library and my woesome email to Borders read something like : “am I an idiot or have I somehow deleted the ebook that I just bought?” Thankfully, the invisible people (do they even exist) at the other end of the HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP stood up to their titles and have been, most helpful. Imagine that!

In the Kindle store I purchased Atwood’s The Year of the Flood which is so far fascinating. It reads something like a softer version of The Road, with more overt biblical allusions. I’m undecided whether these references are so far too overt for my liking but conceptually, the text poses some very interesting and confronting ideas. Review to follow!!

In other book happenings, I’m reading Stockett’s The Help and am half enjoying it. It’s not reinventing the wheel for me but it’s a pleasurable enough read and certainly beats picking toys up off the floor!

Now that I have this wonderful gizmo, I have had to reorganize my reading shelves – oh the dust! (note to self: the more ebooks I buy, the less dust there will be and the less dusting and cleaning I will have go do … Must buy more ebooks!)

Well, it’s time to refill the cup, sit back and get reading!


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