The Waterless Deluge

“The books I end up writing are the ones that I would rather dodge altogether, but those are really the only ones I can write, because those are the ones I’m obsessed by. It would be so much easier to write an update of Pride and Prejudice and have everything turn out happily. If you don’t have conviction about it, you can’t do it.” Atwood

So, I’m reading my first paid-for ebook on my iPad. Loving the experience but really not enjoying the book. Disappointed by the irony.

I’m a huge Atwood fan. I first read her work in a course at UNSW in about 1993. I was hooked. I went on to read more, devouring the words and stories of this uber-feminist Canadian whiz. When I heard that there was a new Atwood book coming out, I waited anxiously for a reasonably priced copy. Somehow when the price doesn’t drop one comes to expect greatness.

I’m almost half way through this book now. At first I was taken by the biblical allusions, the subtle mix of dialogue and narrative and the very many references and allusions to depressing subtext. Now, I am (and I hate to admit it), bored. Yes, I am bored. Is the subtleness that I first gleened too obvious? Have I missed something?? I’m unsure. All I know is that really I’m only half interested in reading on and while I’ll definitely be finishing this book, I suspect that it will be a painful slog to the end.

Watch this space!


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