City of Glass

So, I started reading Auster’s New York Trilogy. I committed myself to enjoying his words as I had been so buoyed by Hustvedt and was desperate to love husband’s work as I loved that of the wife. I have 2 pages left to read of the first book in the trilogy and I am so disturbed by the novel that I don’t think I can read any more.

Am I alone is this … ? I can’t even work out what it is that has disturbed me so: is it the style of prose, the story itself, the strangeness of the protagonist … or is it everything.

Do I keep reading or do I just surrender?


2 responses to “City of Glass

  1. I’ve read it, about a month ago, and it was rather . . . difficult. “Confuzzling” was the word I used. I like Auster, but somehow, I feel as though I’m not smart enough to get him. And yes, there’s that disquieting aspect to this novel.

    If you want, Kerry’s just read this one. You might want to chime in, or let it help you decide. :] Because I’m on the “TRUDGE ON!” side of things, haha.

  2. Confuzzling – a good descriptor. Exactly what I feel. Confuzzled and what a peculiar situation … 2 pages to go and I just can’t bring myself to read it.
    I’ve moved on too, I think, just not sure whether I will return to this or not!

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