The shelf.

Ok, so I made the big mistake of glancing over at that buckling shelf next to my bed which couldn’t possibly hold another piece of dust, let alone another book that I really should read! It used to be that a position on this shelf meant imminent consumption by me, the reader. But, over the last however long, perhaps since I’ve started to sink into digital reading spaces, I have been seriously neglecting this shelf and I can’t imagine that any of these poor tomes are happy! I have to admit that in a buying frenzy (the store was going under and liquidating all of its stock, I had to buy!) I have actually added to this shelf, knowing that it would probably be years before I could tickle these new pages.

In short, I am feeling guilty about abandoning these books so I thought I would give them some public recognition and recommit myself to reading them, well, at least some of them … Ok, maybe just one? … at some point in the near future.

So here goes. This list is in order of appearance. No favouritism implied.
1. Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi – I am half way through this book. I have been half way since it was published in 2003! Not a good sign.
2. Solar, Ian McEwan – I have read some of his other books and really enjoyed them so I am interested to experience this one, although the reviews were not so fabulous.
3. Shiver, stiefvater – I am filled with enormous anticipation about this one!
4. The Imperfectionists, Tom Rachman – I bought this one based on a great review that I read in the Sydney Morning Herald.
5. Stones Into Schools, Greg Mortenson – this story grabbed me. I am in awe of ordinary people who manage to change the lives of others in such a positive way.
6. The New York Trilogy, Auster – those of you following my blog will know that I have almost given up on this one, unable to finish reading the first in the trilogy. I have kept it on the shelf because I am holding a little flame in the hope of reigniting my desire to uncover the austereness of this author.
7. Deception Point, Dan Brown – a bit of light escapism.
8. Maps for Lost Lovers, Nadeem Aslam – promises to be a “dramatic and moving portrayal of Muslim life … Richly poetic and poignant.”
9. The Hungry Tide, Amitav Ghosh – I loved The Glass Palace so it seemed logical to buy this one!
10. The Kindly Ones, Jonathan Littel – amazing concept, I had to read this one! Or at least have it on the shelf.
11. Peacock Throne, Sujit Saraf
12. The Angel’s Game, Carlos Ruiz Zafon – The Shadow Of the Wind was one of my favorite books and I have great expectations for this one!
13. The Children’s Book, A.S. Byatt – one of my all time favorite authors.
14. Things I’ve Been Silent About, Azar Nafisi – I bought this just because I respect this author… Not that I have managed to read any of her books, but I respect her life.
15. The Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie – my confession, I have never read this book, shame on me. I have read almost everything else that Rushdie has written, not sure why I missed this!
16. The First Hour I Believed, Wally Lamb – I think the size of this one is somewhat of a deterrent. But that seems to be a Lamb trait. I loved his other works so hoping this one will be a winner.

The rest of the shelf is filled with some theory books about memory and remembrance. All yet to be read.

Clearly I have some serious reading to do!


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