Fall Girl, Toni Jordan

This book has only just been released in Australia and I secured my copy courtesy of the book’s publisher. (Thank you textpublishing!). I have to admit that at first I was unsure what to expect. The cover of this book is quite provocative and I was expecting some sort of chick-lit romance with a bit of R-rated frolicking on the side. To steel myself I decided to do some research about Jordan before reading this book and I found myself cruising through the pages of The Age, reading some of her columns and actually really enjoying them. A good sign for the book awaiting my attention!

So, I read Fall Girl. I lie… I devoured it. Sat up until the wee hours to finish it with matchsticks holding my eye lids open, ensuring that I didn’t miss one minute of the action. And, there was plenty of action! Not the type that I was initially expecting, rather, this book was filled with intrigue, deception and cunning. It was the most insightful account of the surfaces of the shallow underworld of con artists that I think I have ever read and I loved it.

There were the requisite twists which threw me totally and apart from the fact that I found the ending of this novel somewhat cliched and vaguely unsatisfying, I was so thrilled by the whole narrative and writing style that I totally overlooked those disappointments and am instead left savoring this wonderful view of a very different kind of family and the ties that bind them to each other.

So, just in case I haven’t made myself clear, I loved this book and if you want a fabulous weekend read that is not too serious but superbly crafted, I cannot recommend Fall Girl enough.

If you’re interested, you might like to consider Jordan’s other book, Addition on Kindle, or paperback.


5 responses to “Fall Girl, Toni Jordan

  1. Nice blog … and you seem to read the sorts of books I like to read. I’ll keep in touch. I liked this book too, though perhaps not quite as much as you did, and not quite as much as I liked Addition.

  2. Always nice to connect with someone who has similar reading tastes! I think that what I liked about Fall Girl was that I was so surprised to enjoy the book. It’s such a pleasure to read something and be enthralled when one least expects it!
    Looking forward to reading more of your reviews (or those of your children!)

  3. LOL Justine … you just might see a review from my son on the Nick Cave book. He took it off with him after Xmas on the deal that he would write a review. We’ll see … I see you’ve read it too. (Are you Australian??)

  4. Yes, I read the Nick Cave book and I can see why you gave it to your son. I think I would have done so too had my son been a bit older than 7!
    Yes, Australian, living in Sydney.

  5. LOL Justine, 7 might be just a little young. I didn’t actually quite GIVE it to my son. It’s more like he came up from Melbourne (at the end of his first year at a Grade 3 teacher) and spied it in my bookshelf. It’s one I thought I’d like to read but was low priority in the scheme of things SO I did the deal that he could take the Disher and Cave if he wrote the review. One down, one to go, but he is now on holiday (with the Cave) in the US so am not holding my breath!

    Ah, Sydney … well, nice to meet another Aussie bookblogger, and one not in Melbourne where so may seem to be (at least from my experience).

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