Virginia Woolf

I am thinking about joining Incurable Logophilia’s reading adventure through the works of Virginia Woolf.

I’ve already read The Waves, A Room of One’s Own and To The Lighthouse so inline with IL, I might start with Woolf’s  The Voyage Out. It’s available free on Amazon Kindle.

Has anyone read Woolf’s short stories or other essays? I’d been interested in some recommendations.


4 responses to “Virginia Woolf

  1. Excellent! I’m happy to have someone join me in a Woolf read, it will be fun to compare notes. And I’m delighted to discover your blog as well, you write wonderfully and we have similar reading tastes.

    I’ll be reading her short stories along with the novels, and hopefully tackling as many of the essays as possible. For the short stories I’m using The Complete Shorter Fiction of Virginia Woolf.

    • Glad that you are enjoying my blog! I’m in the midst of a seriously massive and disturbing tome called The Kindly Ones so will look forward to a bit of Woolf to distract me from the weighty issues of the evil inclination of mankind and all questions of social responsibility!

  2. Well, you’re brave! I haven’t had the inclination to read The Kindly Ones. But I hope you’ll post about it because I’ve been keeping the title at the back of my mind, wondering whether to give it a try.

  3. I am 150 pages into The Kindly Ones and I have to confess that it is superbly disturbing. Littell’s writing style (or the translation) is very long winded, which I actually think suits the subject matter. My book is already filled with yellow post it notes of passages that I have flagged as needing revisiting! I have to confess though that I have had to pause because it is so hay going. It reminds me a bit of 2666 by Bolano. Equally brilliant but quite unsettling in its almost 1000 pages. (Don’t ask for a review of 2666 because there was just so much that I didn’t understand and have forgotten!)

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