The Finkler Question, Howard Jacobson

I started reading this book knowing only that it was a Booker Prize winner and that it was written by a Jewish man called Howard Jacobson. Apart from that I had no preconceptions about what to expect, no assumptions about its style and no notion of its subject matter. I’m not sure why this is as I did read several reviews … clearly they did not make a substantial impact!

I am only about 10% of the way through this book, but I felt that I had to share the fact that I am quite surprised by the unexpected style and tone of this author. This book is quirky. It is luscious and it is actually really funny in parts. Yes, it is sad and has an undercurrent of self-pity and introspection; but on the whole I am delighted to read such a unique piece of reflection, written by a man about a group of men who are such unlikely mates.

More on this when I’m done! So far, it has the thumbs up.


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