A question for Finkler

So, I am just about half way through Jacobson’s Finkler Question and I have a question: what is it that is so great about this book? I get that it is quirky, that the language is intriguingly unusual, that there is sufficient discomfiture for readers. But, ‘yawn’, please tell me that there is something more … I am bored. It is all so the same, so repetitive and nothing is grabbing me by the throat and gripping my interest, squeezing the air from my lungs. Yes, it is a well written book, but really, I have definitely read better. Who is on the selection committee for this Mann Booker Prize anyway and should I keep reading? Is there something that I am missing or something awesome that I need to read in just 5 pages time? Can someone please tell me!

4 responses to “A question for Finkler

  1. You should read the review by Justine 2 posts down.
    Apparently – quirky and funny in parts – definitely thumbs up!

    • Tommy, I am almost finished this #expletive# book and I actually think that you will really enjoy it. It is filled with this absurd humor and self deprecating commentary. I see why it won but I really really really have not enjoyed the read. Part of me thinks that it is really a man’s book. You will have to let me know.

  2. I started Roots Schmoots this morning. Bordering on funny – bring on the tortured Jew!

  3. Clearly that is his style … bordering on funny which after a while is just not funny at all and definitely the superbly tortured Jew. Don’t let your wife read this one!

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