Ulysses, James Joyce

I have been challenged to read Ulysses by James Joyce.

Should I take up this challenge?


2 responses to “Ulysses, James Joyce

  1. How can you not? Awe-inspiring in its scope, Ulysses is most assuredly one of the most important Modernist works (and quite in keeping with your recent forays into Woolf).

    Have you done Faulkner yet? I’d love to hear your take on him. Do you read syntopically – that is, do you make it a practice to devour an author, from start to finish, in a serial process? I thought I detected that with your Woolf posts …

    Love your blog … there really need to be more like it …


    • Bill, thanks for your post. I did try and read Ulysses many years ago when I was an undergraduate but I think that my need to deconstruct every aspect of the text as I was reading totally overwhelmed me and left me incapable of actually understanding anything that Joyce was trying to say! I have read Dubliners which I enjoyed.
      The only authors that I devour are the ones that I truly love – Coetzee, Gordimer, Mistry, Shakespeare, to name a few. These authors consumed me about a decade ago. I would like to read all of Hustvedt … Perhaps I will with time.
      Interestingly, I don’t quite think that I am a modernist reader. Post colonial in my tastes, definitely, but modernism has always evaded my grasp. Perhaps this time will be different?
      Any advice before I begin?

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