Me and Mr Booker, Cory Taylor

Me and Mr BookerThis was an unusual book, disturbing on some level but flippant on another.

The book describes the peculiar friendship and affair between an adult – Mr Booker – and a sixteen year old girl. The tale is set in a small town where there are limited opportunities for young people.

While at face value the story is definitely intriguing, I can’t say that this book captivated me. Rather I found myself irritated by the characters, frustrated by their attitudes and the never ending repetition of disappointments and their overall inability to take control of their lives. Even Mr Booker’s wife, who is so much a victim of circumstance and her own sorrow, wasn’t a character with whom I could empathise or for whom I felt anything at all, bar some sense of lethargy.

Taylor has set herself a hard (some would say impossible) task to follow in Nabakov’s footsteps. Lolita is so much more of a text on every level that it is hard not to make the comparisons.

If you are looking for a well written book that is interesting on some levels but doesn’t quite make you shake in your boots then this is a good one.


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