Too many books on the go …

Ok. I confess. I am reading too many books simultaneously. It’s totally uncharacteristic. I’m a monogamous kind of reader, usually wholly faithful to one book at a time, allowing only one author to slip between my sheets and perch comfortably at the edge of my bed before sleep and after sleep’s caresses pull me under, to wait, patiently, until the pages are turned again.

How is it that this has happened? And it seems so sudden. I have turned into a book whore! Woe is me …

So, here is my confession … these are the books that I am reading at the moment and enjoying, all, allowing the sweat and tang of each tome to mix with the others:

1.The Kindly Ones: Shameful. I have neglected this book, allowed it to slip to the recesses of my mind, trying to ignore it, hoping that it will finish itself, mindful of its brilliance but somehow incapable of picking it up and blowing the months of dust off its jacket.

2. The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao: Fabulous. I am loving this book, despite my lack of Spanish! I am well into the action and intrigued by the characters and the plot. This is one heck of a coming of age novel!

3. The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes You A Happy Birthday: Interesting. Fascinating, actually. As someone with a background in Middle East Studies and an affiliation with the region I am finding this book quite riveting – although, obviously not riveting enough for it to entirely capture my attention!

4. The Tiger’s Wife: Wow. I picked this book up in the Hot Reads Section of my local library. It’s magnificently written and depicts an era in Balkan history about which I know nothing – well, I know nothing about the Balkans except for what I have seen in passing in the media so this book is proving to be most educational! There’s much here to grip the reader and I am looking forward to reviewing this one. Unfortunately, the book needs to be returned by Tuesday (the Hot Reads Rule is 1 week of borrowing time, no renewals) and Monday is my full day at work so I’m going to rushing to finish this one in my spare moments between the descending chaos.

5. Alice Munro: Agggh, there are 5, 5 books, 5 equally fabulous books calling me at the same time. Help!

Need I say more?

What do you do when you have so many books demanding your attention and when there is still a life outside of those books which is equally demanding?


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