Private London, James Patterson and Mark Pearson

I was looking forward to losing myself in a thriller and I figured that Patterson was a sure thing. While this book was relatively gripping, I have to admit that I was disappointed. Patterson failed to make the most of the plot line here and that is the whole point of a thriller. Readers are supposed to be gripped, to be desperate to read the next page and to relate to the characters and be able to empathise with them to an extend. A thriller doesn’t work without these engaging elements.

So, Patterson set up this scenario and I jumped into it the way that thriller readers tend to do … the beginning showed great promise. There was the necessary tension and a convincing background. The lead character was convincing and I was intrigued to discover how this tale would unfold. However, it seemed as though Patterson and Pearson failed to properly develop this plot line and the novel wavered toward its middle and then suddenly, toward the end, a whole other issue was brought in as an explanation for a crime. It was totally unconvincing and disappointing. I was frustrated by my inability to believe the contrived scenario and even more frustrated that there was no great twist or stunning ending. In all, it was a disappointing read and left me feeling quite blah.


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