Alan Jacobson, Inmate 1577

This book was WOW.

Having read a few of Jacobson’s thrillers in the past I knew vaguely what to expect. Jacobson is a solid writer. His thrillers tend toward being quite entertaining and relatively gripping. The ones I have read are enjoyable but nothing that stays with you for any length of time. In short, they have struck me as forgettable.

However, Inmate 1577 was a magnificently crafted and beautifully executed piece of writing. In this one text, Jacobson has managed to show his ability as both a thriller writer and a writer of good literature. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself absolutely gripped by the flow of events and by the structure of this novel which flicked so seamlessly between the 1940s and the present day. The connections between the past and the present were brilliantly constructed and I thoroughly enjoyed the manner in which Jacobson developed his narrative.

I won’t share any of the plot for fear of giving away some crucial pieces of information. I will simply share that this book defied my expectations and is a must read for anyone who enjoys a good thriller and a piece of well researched historical fiction.

Ten out of ten for Jacobson!!


3 responses to “Alan Jacobson, Inmate 1577

  1. This sounds like something that may appeal to both my wife and me. Such books are not as easy to find as one might expect. She prefers action and suspense, I cannot stand John Grisham’s writing. Of course, I have thought this before and, still, one of us has been disappointed. This goes on the potential Christmas/birthday/just because list, but I’ll try to vet the library’s copy first.

    You’ve written an enticing review. Thanks!

  2. Hope you enjoy the book. I was certainly thrilled to read it!! Let me know your thoughts once you’ve finished.

  3. Thank you for your great review of Alan’s “Inmate 1577”. We really appreciate you taking the time and wanted to share our Alan Jacobson End of Summer Promotion with you and your readers. ALL of Alan’s books, including “Inmate 1577” are available for a special discounted price:

    Thanks again and happy reading,

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