Reader’s Block?

What do you do when you are half way through a book that you think might be very good but you just aren’t grabbed by it… Do you put it aside or perservere?


4 responses to “Reader’s Block?

  1. It depends … on what else is going on in my life, just how big the block is, whether I HAVE to read the book for a reading group (or I have another book I must get onto for a reading group). In other words, yes I do sometimes put books aside, and they have their own shelf (fortunately only half a shelf) next to the multiple TBR shelves!

  2. Hhhm, interesting. I don’t like the idea of a shelf of half read books. It grates. I have only two half read books – The Kindly Ones and The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes you a Happy Birthday. Both of them I really do want to read but am just not in the right frame of mind to do so – the former I think I might have to start again which is an extremely daunting thought!!

    The book I am struggling with is Mary Horlock’s Book of Lies – have you read it? I am just finding that I really don’t care. Terrible, I know!

  3. Oh, it’s only a HALF shelf of HALF read books! LOL. Like your two, they are books I really want to read but put aside either because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind at the time, or I ran out of time because there was a book I had to read (for a group discussion, usually). Some I would have to start again, and for a couple that would be daunting.

    I don’t know Horlock’s book so I can’t encourage or discourage you on that one!

  4. I have left Horlock’s book – it didn’t even make it to the shelf. It is on the floor, still open at about the middle. I will try and finish it on the weekend if I have the energy or attention span.

    I am, instead, reading Nesbo’s The Snowman which is fascinatingly different.

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