Now here’s a challenge that might unblock my read…

This from A Rat in the Bookpile: Ten books, one from each category. Some books would fit more than one category making it ridiculously easy: so no crossovers within the challenge! Ten unique and distinct books are required.

A book that has been previously abandoned

A re-read. Didn’t quite get it/thought there was more/made promise to self to re-read? Time to make good.

A book that has sat on the shelf, like, forever. (Decades.)

A book that paralyses one with dread.

Investigate a canonical writer hitherto most shamefully overlooked.

Seek out a book by an author who has earned ostracism by being so good that any further novel could surely never measure up…?

And the opposite… That author who was supposed to be really good, but didn’t go down too well? Give him/her another go!

Take a chance. Read a book which you would rather not. For instance when the OH says ‘you’ll really like this’ and you’re thinking ‘no, I really won’t…’

A book from an unfamiliar genre.

Ask a friend (preferably a person of impeccable taste, and definitely not someone who might have an axe to grind) to choose a book that you will, in their opinion, like. (This does not mean ask a dozen people until you get the right answer!)


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