Karen Rose

I stumbled across Karen Rose at the library and took a punt. After reading Perlman’s Street Sweeper I was a bit shell shocked and needed something thrilling and distracting to bring me back to earth.

Rose was just the thing. As thrillers go her writing is certainly gripping and intriguing. She crafts a good plot and her characters are nicely rounded. At times I found the book somewhat unbelievable – the action all too condensed in time and space, everything unfolding over night and then resolving within 24 hours. I was also troubled by the fact that all the characters were themselves so troubled, so much baggage! But once I had accepted that I found the book easy reading and perfect for my needs.

Interestingly, I have since read another of Rose’s books – You Can Hide – which follows a similar formula. Quick action, quick resolution and a passionate love-at-first sight meeting which evolves along with the plot. Clearly this formula works for her and in some cases it has obviously worked for me too.

If you are looking for a bit of distraction then this is just the thing.


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