House Rules, Jodi Picoult

Charge your glasses, let’s toast! I read a book!! From start to finish, every page turned and allowed to whisper softly against its partner. Drink up, have another! I read a book. 

I hadn’t realised what a long hiatus it had been … this book reading drought of mine. I could blame a range of different factors but I don’t think I will bother. Suffice to say, here’s to hoping that Picoult will prove to be my cure. 

Was it a good book, you ask? A good question! I answer.

It was neither good nor bad, certainly not her best, I don’t think … but it was interesting enough to keep me there, plodding along and I always find that Picoult has a wonderful way with characters and breathing life into their relationships with each other and in terms of the way they move in the world. There is a certain art to being able to craft this type of vividness and so, from that perspective alone, I am in awe of her abilities.

So, drink up! And get back to that book! Enough of reading other people’s musings … read on!


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