Karin Slaughter, Unseen

ImageWell well well, knock my socks off and blow me down – I dare say I have never in my life read such a thrilling book. I loved the tension in this book between the role of the under-cover detective and his real life. The fine balance between these competing and intertwined commitments kept me reading and writhing to the very, bitter end.

In the past I have found Slaughter’s books to be somewhat formulaic. However, this one defied the formulae I have come to expect and literally shocked me at almost every turn. There was none of the usual, straight-forward romance. Rather, what was presented within the folds of these pages was a subtle development of two distinct and very troubled characters, each with their own clear flaws, each struggling to find themselves within the morass of their lives and each learning what it means to trust another within the paradigm of a relationship. Interestingly, I found the tight-rope that was Will and Sara’s budding romance just as intriguing as the plot which featured Will’s alias Bill Black. Slaughter has cleverly constructed two worlds – rural and urban – to slyly convey the nuances of each character and the challenges that they face.

This book hit the perfect spot for me and I will definitely be waiting for more from Karin Slaughter.


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