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Reading Frenzy Ending With Karin Slaughter

ImageI have been drowning in a reading frenzy which has left my beloved blog high and dry and very very quiet. Apologies to all, but wow, I have read some great ones!

For some reason my reading habits have become all mixed up and of late I’ve been imbibing in a relishing fruit salad of chic-lit, short stories (I know, I hate them but who can resist Carson McCullers, even in a short story!), thrillers and even a bit of YA. The only thing missing from the bevy of beauties is good quality fiction, but I’ll excuse myself with the consolation of sheer volume of words I’ve read in the past few weeks! 

I’ll start with the one I finished in the wee hours of the morning:

Karin Slaughter, Fallen

I just could not put this book down. When I was away from it I was imaging its next move, the way the characters would respond to the situation, their tone of voice and hue and mood of their interactions. I have developed quite a fancy for Slaughter’s ability to mix high action with well rounded characters. 

In this thriller, she presents Detective Faith Mitchell arriving home to find her mother kidnapped and her baby daughter locked in the tool shed. The story which unravels involves intrigue and gun battles which on one level should be a deterrent, but Slaughter manages to balance the intensity of the action with these thoughtful and complex characters. Faith’s relationship with her mother is slowly unfolded throughout this drama and as each layer is removed, readers become more aware of the general complexities of all family relationships – that secrets are always there, that we need to forgive, that love and trust are eternal. The magnitude of Faith’s connection with her mother is really exposed in the final scenes of the novel, which I won’t spoil for you here. 

Into the mix, Slaughter throws the obligatory romance between a Dr Sara Linton and Faith’s partner, a tortured and very good looking man. 

As you will know from previous reviews, I’m a real fan of Karin Slaughter’s and I will definitely be looking out for more of her books!