ImageI’ve read two thrillers over the last few days and thoroughly enjoyed them both. I discovered that my parents have a residents’ library in their building’s basement and I raided it last week, thrilled (no pun intended) to discover some new authors and a few golden oldies that I am looking very forward to reading!

The Attorney by Steve Martini was unexpectedly gripping. I was intrigued by the characters and their relationships and I definitely didn’t predict the twist at the novel’s end. I won’t say that this was the best thriller I have ever read, but it was certainly worth reading and I’m glad I discovered Martini and will be following up on some of his other novels. I assume that he has a courtroom drama formula but I’m not particularly bothered by that as Summer Reading sometimes calls for predictability!




I expected absolutely nothing from this book. Martini at least I’d heard of, but Brockmann was an unknown entity for me. I started reading it last night and managed to seclude myself enough today to finish it, barely looking up to prepare the relevant meals for the hungry members of my family who had to wait until an appropriate break in the narrative. I was positively hooked by this book – strung out and desperate to finish reading, to find out how things were resolved and to see whether the hunk and his maiden managed to make a real connection. I wasn’t disappointed and I am now off to find more of Brockmann’s thrillers to devour!


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