The Replacement Wife, Eileen Goudge

the-replacement-wife-194x300This was one of those unusual books that one stumbles across and then swallows whole. A woman recovers from cancer and thinks she is living the perfect wife when the cancer returns and she is told there is no hope. She decides to find the replacement wife for her husband as she is a professional match maker and who else, but her, could find the right woman?

The story itself is quite simply told and I didn’t find any of the characterisation particularly mind blowing. In fact, the thing that struck me most about this book was the plot and for me that is rather unusual. I am still troubled by the events which unfolded in The Replacement Wife and the deep ripples of tremors that they sent through the people involved in them. I found the insight into hope and despair intriguing and the question that has lingered with me over the last few months since I read this book is: “What is real love?”

This book didn’t cause me to leap off a bridge but it certainly raised some valid questions and concerns which left me thinking. The characters haven’t stayed with me but the implications of their actions and decisions certainly have and probably will for quite some time to come.


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