Persian Brides, Dorit Rabinyan

our-weddings-rabinyan-dorit-paperback-cover-artThe experience of reading this book was like taking a swim in a divine pool of rich and vivid images that glossed over one’s imagination like fine bolts of high quality silk. I literally drowned in the magnificence of the 1001 Nights atmosphere of Our Weddings. I had to read it slowly. Very slowly because it had this strange effect of leaving me feeling as though I had consumed too much alcohol. Not something I’ve ever experienced in a book before!

I’ve never read anything by Rabinyan before but her Sephardi heritage is so evident in her books that her words ring with the clang of jewellery and bedecked women. I could almost hear the cat fights and the screeching from roof tops as women haggled about small details, about village life, about each other.

It was this that most fascinated me about the book: the focus on women in this particular small-village setting. I think it was this element that gave this book its richness, leaving readers feeling as though they are drowning in an oestrogen festival.

This book isn’t for everyone. I expect that many will find it self-indulgent and too voluptuous; but I loved it.


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