The Escape, David Baldacci

The Escape (David Baldacci)I sat down and read this book with its 470 pages in almost one sitting. I had to stop after about 5 hours because my eyes went all blurry and started feeling as though I was going to vomit from exhaustion. I literally had to force myself to go to sleep. It was almost 2am and I was practically twitching to finish Military CID investigator John Puller’s journey.

I love a book like this, one which grabs you by the proverbial balls and holds you in its grip, leaving you thrashing with desperation to finish, to just get to that last page, that moment of relief that is the plot’s wicked resolution. There are times when a book like this is exactly what you need.

There wasn’t much depth, no complex themes or literary techniques to consider in Baldacci’s tome. Rather there was pace and intensity and the bubbling question of ‘who to trust’ – if anyone at all … There were, however, several poignant moments which I think Baldacci did well to include, all of which centred around the relationship between father and sons and Puller and his brother. These moments brought a nice balance to an otherwise very fast moving thriller.

If you want to be swept away by a book, taken on a wild journey, then this is the one for you!


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