Buried Angels, Camilla Lackberg

downloadI’m undecided about this book. I read it and I was certainly engaged by the plot and the characters and their tortured past. It was hard not to be captivated by these elements. I was especially intrigued by the author’s Swedish context and I think it was this more than anything which kept me intrigued.

But I was unsettled by some of what seemed to be the obvious twists – two women who both lost children, a family who disappeared, some unpleasant men. I couldn’t help but feel that it was all too conspicuously apparent. And mostly I couldn’t bring myself to care enough about the fate of these characters. Sometimes it happens – a book just unfolds and I land up feeling detached, possibly through no fault of the author, just something in the air. And so it was with Buried Angels. I read it. Right to the end. I didn’t guess the twist and I was engaged enough to persist. But that was all.


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