Deserving Death, Katherine Howell

downloadWhat a find!!! Katherine Howell, I don’t normally enjoy Australian fiction and apart from Garry Disher, there’s no Aussie thriller writer that I can be bothered to read, but you have taken the cake!

While this book read like a classic murder mystery, the way that Howell crafted her characters and depicted the particularly Australian landscape of Sydney, makes this a unique book.

I was immediately captivated by the paramedic scenario – believable, filled with empathy and yet, at the same time, tortured with conflict and stress. I loved Howell’s sensitive introduction of each woman’s personal background – the lesbian who hasn’t come out to her family, the detective struggling to balance work and life and others dealing with loss and grief. It was a perfect tension. At times the plot waivered and I found myself having to reread sections in order to clarify things, but this didn’t deter me and I thoroughly enjoyed Howell’s prose.

I will definitely be seeking out more of Howell’s work!!


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