Alice Hoffman, Fortune’s Daughter

download (1)The problem with reading so voraciously and not reviewing so efficiently is that one forgets and that is exactly what has happened with this book which I read such a long time ago and then forgot about … And yes, I’ve forgotten the intricacies of this tale and the details of the action and much of the drama and to make up for it I’ve had to read the reviews of others – something that I try not to do. What I do remember is Hoffman’s beautiful prose, the soft language and the beauty of her intense and rich characters.

This is a novel about two women whose lives come together in the strangest of circumstances. It is a novel about how people deal with loss and tragedy and indeed, about how they recover.

I am an enormous Hoffman fan, as I have mentioned elsewhere, and I always jump at an opportunity to fall into her prose.

If you want a more thorough review of this book, I recommend the New York Times whose reviewer is clearly more organised than I am!


2 responses to “Alice Hoffman, Fortune’s Daughter

  1. I haven’t read Hoffman for many years, but have just put one of her books in my Reading Roulette pile for next month so will read it if it wins. I remember the few books that I read to be elegant and beautifully written.

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