The Lonely Polygamist, Brady Udall

9498875What a wonderfully unusual and different book.

Meet Golden Richards. He has 4 wives, 28 children and is in the midst of a midlife crisis. Richards’ business is failing and he himself is falling apart due to the accidental death of one of his daughters and the stillbirth of a son. He is lost in the most profound sense of the word and the place he finds comfort simply heightens the irony of his situation.

I won’t reveal too much about the plot of Udall’s book because it will destroy the pleasure that is buried in its reading. What I will say is that this is one of the most delightfully peculiar books that I have ever found myself reading. Udall has crafted a wonderful and empathic insight into a polygamist lifestyle that in any other circumstances would probably have me frowning with moral disapproval. Instead, what I experienced in this reading is a tender appreciation of the trials and tribulations of this lifestyle and while I laughed out loud in many parts, what I was left with was the white tinge of a residual sadness that exposes Udall as a truly great writer.


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