I Am Pilgrim, Terry Hayes

downloadThis book was one of those books that everyone raved about – a must read! A great thriller! Super exciting! The New York Times describes it thus: “the most exciting desert island read of the season”- and I can’t disagree. It certainly runs at quite a pace, rushing through countries and crises, racing over plains of intrigue and deception, bursting across borders and governments. Hayes has managed to cram so much into this tome that it is exhausting to read. But, read it I did and I have to confess that I rather enjoyed it.

There are aspects of this book which are superior – the pace is constant and the characters are diverse enough to be captivating and complex. Nonetheless, what I was left with in the wake of completing I Am Pilgrim was the sense that Hayes had attempted to cover too much ground in this book which starts with a crime scene in New York and then rapidly traverses the globe only to sneakily tie in the original crime scene at a later point in the telling. I found myself thinking that perhaps Hayes was trying too hard and that parts of the narrative could be edited or left out altogether. I Am Pilgrim reads like a crime thriller trying to be something more which is admirable but I’m not sure it’s entirely necessary.

Nonetheless, a great read and I expect it will make a fantastic film!


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