Make Me, Lee Child

Make-Me-pbNothing is better than a cold and rainy day, a cup of hot tea and a Jack Reacher tale. There is something about Lee Child’s protagonist that is so incredibly appealing – The Washington Post calls him “the stuff of myth…. One of this century’s most original, tantalising pop-fiction heroes” and I couldn’t agree more. Jack Reacher represents the great unknown. He is a wanderer, a nomad, travelling with only the clothes on his back from town to town, stopping wherever he feels the need. He is astute, curious, a keen observer and endearingly fearless. But I think that what makes Reachers such a fascinating character is the deep sense of aloneness that travels with him. He really is a solitary figure and even when he connects with other characters, he still maintains this aura of isolation.

Like all of Lee Child’s thrillers, this one is fast paced, racing through the action, filled with twists and unexplained clues. It’s 262 pages are weightless, making this the perfect book for a long flight or a summer holiday.

For those of you, like me, who are Lee Child fans, this book won’t disappoint!



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