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Home by Marilynne Robinson

Not for the faint hearted.

This book was magnificently crafted and a pleasure to read. However, although it was incredibly insightful, it was difficult to get lost in the narrative because it was so slow. While there was a great deal of thinking and musing, parts of this tale were lost because of the novel’s pace (or lack thereof). Nonetheless, the last 100 pages were gripping and the end was superb. This book covered some very complex issues: family relationships, self esteem, religion, racism. There was much to digest and perhaps, at times, the author could have made some of these themes less subtle.

Despite the fact that this book is clearly a masterpiece in terms of its writing, I was disappointed. The reviews predicted something grander. The publication of this book saw Robinson touted as “one of America’s greatest contemporary novelists”.  Apparently it’s “like Jane Austen in a different key”. While this might be true, at least Austen’s book are littered with wonderful innuendo and humour! Perhaps the key to revelling fully in this text is to read the prequel, Gilead!

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Book Cost is A$12.47 http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9781844085507/Home