The Search

The Search by Maureen Myant

Surprisingly, this is (so far) my book of the year. Not only is this story fascinating, but it is told with such tenderness and innocence that the reader is literally left reeling by the emotion that fills the text. The book presents this awesome narrative from the perspective of a young boy and through his eyes, we are forced to contemplate the meaning and impact of complicity in the context of abhorrent acts. This book is confronting and austere, yet well worth the read.

One of the most interesting aspects of this novel is that it is a narrative account of World War II and the Holocaust from the perspective of a non-Jewish boy who is by all accounts only incidentally involved in any conflict. His story highlights the far reaching impact of the Nazi regime – including this carefully described ‘abduction’ and ‘rehabilitation’ (read ‘Germanisation’) of children (orphans and otherwise) and their subsequent adoption into German families. I have since discovered that this policy fell under the Lebensborn organisation, which was established by SS leader Heinrich Himmler.

For further information about the Lebensborn programme see:

“Lebensborn Children Break Silence”,,1518,446978,00.html

“Secret Nazi Lebensborn Children Go Public”,

Book Cost is A$12.47 (no postage)

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